HC-100/200/300™ Deep Soil and Groundwater Remediation

A professional product for the bioremediation of deep soil and ground water hydrocarbon contamination. This formula was developed to help solve contamination situations that demand minimal disruption to surrounding environments while maintaining economic feasibility. The HC-100/200/300™ family affords you the ability to reach deep into contaminated areas, perform in-situ bioremediation, realize dramatic material and labor savings, and accomplish remediation goals in a short period.

HC-100™ Soil and Water Formula

HC-100™ is a blend of naturally occurring, live synergistic micro-organisms that are chosen for their exceptional ability to bio-remediate hydrocarbons rapidly. The HC-100™ formula can be custom blended for your specific needs and unique contamination problems

HC-200™ Remediation Formula

HC-200™ is a professional product for in-situ bio-remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated oily water, groundwater plumes and industrial wastewater, ponds and lagoons. This formulation was developed to rapidly degrade the major components of BTEX, higher range aromatic and aliphatic compounds.

HC-300™ Soil Remediation Formula

This is our finest professional soil remediation formula for the in-situ and ex-situ bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminatedsoil. This formula was developed to specifically degrade light and heavy oil fractions in contaminated soil. HC-300 Kit™ affords you the ability to degrade major gasoline range organics, DROs from #2 through #6 fuel oils, crude, tar,creosote and PAHs.

Liquid Remediact™ Soil Remediation Formula

A newly developed product that was created to solve soil and water hydrocarbon contamination problems. This product has the ability to bioremediate most hydrocarbons with a minimum amount of equipment, labor and cost.

What sets  Liquid Remediact™ apart from all other products is the high concentration of live synergistic bacteria, in a remediation liquid, that quickly starts the bioremediation process. Because of it's relatively low cost, Liquid Remediact™ is the ideal solution for most industries to solve their own hydrocarbon contamination problems.

Remediact™ Soil Remediation Formula

Remediact™ is a innovative concept in the remediation of soil saturated with hydrocarbon contaminants. It is designed to allow industry to clean-up and restore soil to its pre-contaminated condition.

Remediact™ is a natural absorbent that has been specially treated with hydrocarbon digesting microbes. These microbes have the ability to turn most hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water. When used according to the directions, Remediact™ safely and effectively solves your contamination problems with very little labor and equipment expense, thereby making this product an essential part of your pollution control efforts.