OWS-200™ Oil/water Separator Formula

Microbial technology for Oil/Water Separators

There has been an increasing mandate from governmental environmental agencies for the installation and use of oil-water separators and interceptors in industry. These new regulations have placed a heavy burden, both financial and operational, on all phases of commercial and industrial business

OWS-200™ can and will help to overcome many of these expenses. This product has the ability to significantly reduce hydrocarbon contamination in these separators thereby reducing the high cost of disposal & transportation. The added cleaning and degreasing bio-surface agent will help to keep your facility clean and safe for all personnel.

OWS-200™ is a blend of naturally occurring micro-organisms chosen for their ability to metabolize hydrocarbons in oil-water separators. When used in a routine maintenance program, OWS-200™ will eliminate the hydrocarbon build-up that leads to "production interrupting" back-ups. If you are operating a facility with an oil-water separator or interceptor, you need this product.

SEP-700™ Septic and Drain Formula

SEP-700™ septic and drain treatment is the environmentally superior solution to drain line build up. SEP-700™ is a highly-concentrated liquid suspension of naturally occurring, non-pathogenic, bacteria and enzymes. It is especially formulated for drain line or septic system problems. Ordinary use of kitchen and bathroom drains are safe as well.

Every household, restaurant and commercial establishment has experienced facilities leaves deposits of grease, soap scum and hair in drain lines and plumbing. Without proper maintenance, as the accumulations increase, drain flow decreases, odors build up and eventually complete blockage occurs.

SEP-700™ concentrated live bacteria and enzymes digests grease, scum and septic sludge eliminating drain line build-up. SEP-700™ is also beneficial for septic tanks, holding tanks and cesspools. Additionally, SEP-700™ bacteria are not hazardous to pets, humans or vegetation.