NavalKleen SCF™ (Small Craft Formula)

Small Craft Formula is a concentrated liquid bilge cleaner. It was designed for recreational boat owners who want their bilges to be clean, odor free and environmentally safe. The unique and innovative bio-remedial action of the hydrocarbon degrading microbes in this product make it the ideal solution for a persistent boating problem.

When used as directed, NavalKleen Small Craft Formula™ will clean, deodorize, and neutralize any harmful, polluting, and dangerous hydrocarbons in your recreational vessel. The bioremedial process will render all these contaminants into carbon dioxide and water. This process makes NavalKleen Small Craft Formula™ unique among other cleaners that may be either harmful to your health, harmful to the aquatic environment, or both

NavalKleen Small Craft Formula™ is very concentrated and therefore is economical to use as often as needed. Its fresh citrus-scent will help to control ”musty” marine odors and enhance the entire vessels recreational environment.

Available in single, five (5) gallon cubitainer, cases of 12, or 16oz bottles.

NavalKleen™ Marine and Tank Formula

NavalKleen™ Marine and Tank Formula is an active mixture of hydrocarbon-oxidizing, naturally occurring, single-celled micro-organisms with a “bio surface-cleaning agent”.

There has been an increasing mandate from governmental environmental agencies for the installation and use of Oil-Water Separators and Interceptors in Marine Industry. These new regulations have placed a heavy burden, both financial and operational, on all phases of Marine Industry. NavalKleen™ can and will help to overcome many of these expenses.

NavalKleen™ has the ability to significantly reduce hydrocarbon contamination in bilges, Oily Waste Tanks and Oil Water Separators. The added cleaning and degreasing bio surface-agent will help to keep your facility clean and safe for all personnel.