Bio-W™ Floating Oil Absorbent

BIO-W™ is a floating absorbent for water-born spills that was developed to solve one of the most difficult contamination problems facing industry. It is the first bioremedial, floating absorbent designed to absorb and control most hydrocarbons floating on water. This product has the ability to repel water, allowing it to "hold" only the hydrocarbons it absorbs.

Spillaway+™ Powdered Absorbent

SpillAway+™ Bioremedial Absorbent introduces a new era in the absorption and disposal of hydrocarbon contaminants in the workplace. This product merges the technologies of a pharmaceutical-grade, highly-efficient absorbent with safe and effective microbes utilizing the exciting technique of Bioremediation.

When used as directed, SpillAway+™ Bioremedial Absorbent can eliminate the need for costly, special, and highly inefficient disposal of all hydrocarbons on solid surfaces. The high absorbency of this product makes it the ideal product to absorb oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, etc. and then literally "eat" the contamination with its bioremedial properties. It will completely absorb on contact and will not leach. The surface will be completely dry, free of the contaminant, and skid resistant. As an added benefit there is a significant reduction of hydrocarbon odor

Because of the pharmaceutical grade of this absorbent and the completely harmless microbes that are used, SpillAway+™ Bioremedial Absorbent can be used in most commercial and industrial environments including food processing and packaging areas.