OFM-500™  Oil Field Maintenance

OFM-500™ was developed to meet the demanding needs of the “oil-drilling” industry. It has been specially formulated to treat and clean crude oil and its by-products on hard surfaces, soils, gravel, pits, machinery, and oil rigs. The highly effective cleaners and degreasers developed for this product effectively break-down all known components of the crude oil. Further, the bioremedial action of the harmless micro-organisms, turn the harmful components into safe, environmentally-friendly substances that can be absorbed into the soil or discharged into drainage systems.

OFM-500™ is an active mixture of hydrocarbon-oxidizing, naturally occurring, single-celled micro-organisms with a “bio-surface-cleaning agent”. This product contains no solvents, and is non-flammable. It is non-hazardous, non-corrosive It is manufactured under strict quality control standards making it one of the safest cleaning products on the market for both you and the environment. We recommend that OFM-500™ be used as a major part of a routine maintenance program in all phases of the drilling process.

It is specially formulated to be safe, environmentally enhancing and effective.